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Sayangnya aku candu pada harapan-harapan yang ditebarkan percuma itu


I Hate Myself

And i hate my self when i imagined my life with you. Coz i know that’s impossible.


And i envy to the girl who stand beside you and hold your arms tight.


I already mentioned you in my prayer.



Too much attachment is the reason why some people cannot move on.


Tomorrow and Yesterday

Dear tomorrow , soon you’ll be just like me. Sincerely , yesterday.


Fake Smile

I need someone who can realize my fake smiles and know my unseen tears.


Dunyomu kuwi sing nggawe dudu wong liyo, nanging awakmu dhewe”
“Your world is not made by others but by yourself

(Jakarta, Me, Myself and I 11:14:29 PM Sun, Apr 24, 2011)

Find it!

Looking for another rainbow seems good but you have to past another rain.


I don’t want fall to deep, but I don’t want it to go away.

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