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Find it!

Looking for another rainbow seems good but you have to past another rain.


I don’t want fall to deep, but I don’t want it to go away.

Ketukan di Pintu

Teruntuk buat kamu yang telah dengan isengnya mengetuk pintuku tapi pergi sebelum kujawab ketukanmu.

Thanks for knocking my door. But no thanks.

I’m Watching You

You’ll be fine.. i know that.

Your project will be great! I know that too!

Your day will full of happiness!

I know that! But..

Do you know that:

I’m watching you from this windows.

My day wouldn’t be perfect without you showing up in my morning.

I send my prayer for you everyday..

You didn’t know..but i wish you’ll know someday.

Of Course The Ex

Your smile is like the rainbow , your ex is definitely the storm.


Its Magic

Your smile is the magic I want to keep.


You are My Sunshine

See how your smile can brighten up my day.

Just a little words from you can make me fly to the sky.

A glass of your attention can warm me up in the coldest night.

Thank you.

Some Missing Part

Your smile is the missing part from my rainbow.


Perfect Mirror.

French Toast from Yo Cafe

Fotonya kebalik tapi makanannya enak.

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